To Dye For…

*Phew* Just made it through a week of work trip + consecutive photoshoots & shop duties. It has been quite a week. I feel the energy draining from me just by the sheer action of my fingers moving over the keyboard, but I will persist with this post anyway. I am that committed. (or maybe just exaggerating on the tired bit)

Okays, so I was left shorts-less for a while after my kaypoh dog rummaged through my laundry and decided to go all Edward Scissorhands on my daily denim essentials. Over the years, I’ve learnt not to leave anything that has any (kind of) smell sit around any open space unattended. I slipped up on that one. You see – my dog is not a normal shitese (shih-tzu/maltese mix) – I suspect there must be some sort of hound genetics somewhere up the family tree. Although she’s considered a senior citizen by age, she’s still pretty sprightly and somehow has not quite gotten over her teething period. Either that or she has Alzheimer’s. But that’s another story for another day.

Back to my lack of denim separates – The good thing is – this pair of shorts arrived in our shipment just in time, and has now been elevated to “favorite everyday shorts” status (which also means that I wear this for days without a wash. gross. I know. but I’m lazy like that)

Here’s me on shop duty the week before. In my new favorite pair of shorts, and a sweater from the store as well.

I love how the shoulder details and the color make the piece look fresher and younger. Knit has a grannying tendency, I feel – so the cold shoulder helped to young it up a bit.

Threw on some pretty rings that I bought while I was on holiday in Taiwan,I think? Can’t quite recall.

Fly Dye Shorts –
Feelin Purple Sweater –
Assorted rings – Taiwan
Shoes from Forever21


Birds & The Bees

I’ve been obsessed with this parrot print lately.

This is one of the designs I had made for the store recently. We had to make a special order for this fabric as the available stock that the supplier had on hand was somewhat flawed and I did not like the idea of consciously creating products which I knew were less than perfect.

There were 2 variations for this design – a simple tank dress, and a swing skirt.
The concept of easy to wear items really appeal to me.
Something like this that can easily be dressed up or down. Just pair off with a cardigan/blazer, belt & some accessories for dressier occasions, or simply with a belt and ballet flats for a lazy weekend.

Here’s the swing skirt version in action.
I paired it off with a blue chiffon drape blazer to add a pop of color that would go nicely with the turquoise of the parrots, and a plain black tee shirt inside.

A couple of days back, I was boasting about how I never get eyebags or dark circles. Ever.
Karma’s a bitch.

Blazer, Skirt & Bag (coming soon) – all available at my online store,
Tee shirt from h&m, bangles from Forever21.


Ok so I know that it says that this blog is about a girl who likes pretty dresses and food.

I do like pretty dresses, but somehow feel like I have a identity crisis when I’m in a pretty dress. It just feels weird somehow. I like looking at pretty dresses. I like owning pretty dresses. I like behaving like a ‘pretty dresses’ kind of girl.

But I really am not.

So this blog will celebrate the schizophrenic quality of my wardrobe choices and my impeccable taste in junk food.

First things first. Here’s a pic of me. Taken last week. Not in a pretty dress, but hey, at least the color is pretty, right?



Lilac blouse, unicorn shorts & claw ring are available on my online store –

Cuff by House of Harlow.